Reviews of India's Open-Economy Policy

As noted in an earlier post, Jalal Alamgir’s new book, India’s Open-Economy Policy: Globalism, Rivalry, Continuity, was recently published by Routledge.

Dr. Alamgir’s book was just selected by Asia Policy as one of two dozen recommended books for its 2008 Policymakers Library, and one of only two books focused on India.  You can download the PDF with the reviews of the recommended books at the journal’s website hereAsia Policy is the journal of the well-respected National Bureau of Asian Research, and needless to say, we are proud to see our partner’s work recognized in this way.

Among the policy implications cited by the review is this nugget: “To reduce domestic political risks associated with controversial economic policies, policymakers can… [r]efocus domestic political opposition to issues of international position, status, or competition.”  This seems particularly relevant to U.S. policy at this time, when there is often semi-fanatical concern about “jobs going overseas,” with little consideration for the repercussions of protectionist policies.  Could the political debate be reframed to focus instead on the value of international trade for the U.S., and building our position as an economic partner of choice?

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