Marketing Local Training for International Customer Service

I got this email a few days before leaving for a trip to Israel, and started to laugh when I got to the last line of the marketing message “Attentive American-trained customer service.”  Looks like the marketing team knows that Israelis have a reputation for being casual and blunt to the point of rudeness, by the standards of many other cultures!

Stepping back from the specifics of Israeli style, though, I think this is a smart way to address concerns about customer service in an international context.  If your business trains customer service reps from another culture or location, why not advertise that they’ve been trained by people from your target customers’ country/culture?  With this one line in their email, IsraelPhones made it clear that they understand both cultures – American and Israeli – and addressed a typical concern of their target American customer, as well as differentiating themselves from other Israeli mobile phone service providers.

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