Why this blog?

There are a lot of great blogs about sales and marketing processes (some are in the blogroll on this site).  There are also many good blogs and news sources about globalization and international business.  But there are few resources that discuss key challenges of managing marketing and sales in a global business in today’s environment.  Thus this blog.

The old debate was about global standardization vs. local country customization of products and marketing programs, and to what extent marketing and sales operated in a centralized or decentralized, country-specific model.  In today’s semi-globalized,  internet era, there are both more nuanced strategies for how businesses approach local and global markets, and more options for how to deliver marketing and selling efforts into all markets.   Companies may develop global programs and then tailor them more or less to individual countries;  products and programs that start in one region may be adopted for another country or region, or even global markets.  Increasingly, we see globally distributed marketing and sales teams, often operating in a networked model, with regional hubs based not only on proximity to important markets, but easy access to delivery inputs – key talent, lower cost employees, friendly regulatory and tax environments.

What are the best practices for structuring and organizing marketing and selling in this environment?  How do companies stay close to markets throughout the world, and stay aligned with global branding?  What are the most effective ways of distributing marketing and sales collateral and knowledge throughout a globally distributed company?  How do we leverage the internet, both for internal collaboration and customer marketing, when it is available to all audiences, but each audience has unique cultural, language and regulatory requirements? What are the best practices for managing marketing and sales efforts globally, and especially across developed and emerging economies?  These are the kinds of questions I’m interested in exploring here.

Global Sales and Marketing is intended as an informal writing/thinking/sharing space to discuss the evolving marketing and sales strategies and processes in globally distributed organizations.  It draws on both my work as a business consultant managing integrated business/technology projects, primarily in the marketing and sales arenas, and my personal experience and commitment to bridging cultures and economies.  (You can see more about me here.)  Ratings, comments here and direct feedback to me are all welcome!

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