About me

I’ve worked with marketing, sales and customer relations functions as an employee and consultant for over 20 years.  Most of my work involves integrated business and technology initiatives, with people/process/technology streams (yes, that’s Arthur Andersen training peeking through).  In case it’s not immediately obvious to you, let me be clear that I am not a top sales leader or a marketing guru – what I am is a business consultant who designs and implements marketing and sales processes that enable top sales leaders and marketing gurus to achieve their objectives.

I have also long been interested in, and committed to, working across cultures, and have lived and worked abroad in very different countries (Japan, Israel and India).  Starting in 2001, I began to focus on international projects in my consulting work: designing and implementing multi-country, multi-language online marketing programs, managing global project teams, and selling India-based IT and consulting services. In 2005-2006, I moved to Pune, India to develop global sales operations and processes for Kanbay (later acquired by Capgemini).  Working internationally adds an entire dimension of complexity to projects that already involve multiple functions and skill sets.  I thrive on this complexity.

Personally, I believe that working globally, whether in a business, non-profit or social enterprise, is one of the best ways we can build economic development, enhance cross-cultural understanding, and eventually, improve equity and sustainability for all.  Okay, that’s looking at it with my idealist’s hat on.  But what other choice do we have?

This is a personal blog, although you can see that the personal and professional are closely intertwined for me.   You can see more about my professional experience on my profile at Linked In.  If you are interested in my work (or in having me work for you), you can contact me at my consulting business. I’m a founder and principal at Red Bridge Strategy, a management consulting firm that focuses on improving cross-border processes in the legal, sales and marketing, and strategic planning functions. We work primarily with businesses that operate in both the United States and emerging Asian economies. My practice focus area is the optimization of global marketing and sales operations, particularly for biopharma, technology and professional services companies.

I welcome your comments and emails. Send me an email.